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5 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream Your Next Live Event

Live events are huge business boosters, no matter what size your business. Big-name brands and solopreneurs alike can schedule a weekend retreat for a small number of people or plan monumental events at convention centers with many thousands of people. No matter what type of event you plan, you can reap some benefits from live streaming of some of the speakers and activities.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding this subject is whether people will forego traveling to the event in lieu of watching the live stream. If you plan properly, you can attract those who love – and can afford – to attend live events AND those who aren’t quite ready to spend that kind of money yet. You’ll also want to pick and choose which speakers to live stream so you’re giving a taste of what you have to offer without giving away everything for free.

Here are five strong reasons why live streaming your event is a good thing:

1. Expand your reach and name recognition.

Not everyone has the means of traveling to live events but this could be a way to reach new people and get them into your sales funnel. Look outside your current social circle and run Facebook ad campaigns to publicize your live stream, especially if you fill your venue to capacity with attendees.

2. Build a sense of urgency.

People pay closer attention to one-time events than they do a series of events. By live streaming your event – and promoting it in advance – you’ll appeal to more people. Promote with email campaigns or run Facebook ads and use eye-catching text to get people excited.

3. Build buzz for next year’s event.

If you’re planning on making this event an annual gig, this year’s live stream will give your audience a taste of what you offer and will get them so excited they’ll watch for ticket announcements for next year. Better yet, add a call-to-action throughout your live stream to register on the waitlist for next year’s event. That way you can communicate with them throughout the year and they won’t miss when tickets go on sale.

4. Create a paid product from your live stream recording.

Who doesn’t love increased sales? This live stream recording can be a standalone product or can be coupled with a workbook or other course for added value. Or charge a fee for watching the live stream as it happens.

5. Create a virtual networking community.

Networking opportunities abound at live business events but they don’t have to end after the event is over. Create a Facebook Group specific to your event so those watching the live stream can still have that networking opportunity and those who attended the live event can share their experiences with others in the group.

Planning a live event is surely challenging but adding live stream capabilities for select speakers or activities will be the easiest part of your planning. Your virtual attendees will thank you and your speakers can also use their live stream clips in their portfolio or on their own social media pages, which means even more exposure for you.

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